DATE:  Sunday, July 15th at 5:30 pm
PLACE:  Juno Beach, Marcinski Road, Beach Access
FACILITATORS: Julie Downey, Lynn Evan & Shelley Jahn

Gatherings on the Vine is an opportunity for those in the middle stages of life where the concept of empty nester has been realized or seen on the horizon and your concerns become not so much to have what you love, but to love what you have.

Maybe you have hit your 40's, possibly you have slipped over into your 60's, maybe there are uniquely wonderful age differences with your partner. Come and unwind from the complexity of mid-life and let's open ourselves to the best stirrings of the spirit.

Each gathering will be unique and allows those in attendance (single or married) to make connections with others, seeking fellowship and exploring opportunities for learning and serving.

For this gathering, bring a cooler to the beach with your favorite snacks and drinks. Bring a friend, enjoy our beaches, laugh, close your eyes and hear the surf, find joy in your heart

For questions or more information, please contact Mark Dryden, Interim Coordinator of Adult Formation, at 561.743.8340 or