Church Member Directory

Connecting to members of the church is part of what being in community is about. As a member of JupiterFIRST Church you have the option of being included in the online and mobile directory making it easy for others to call, text or email you with a click of the mouse or touch of a finger. This saves on calls to the church office and allows you to establish relationships with people you've met through the church or that are part of your small group.

You control if and what of your personal information is viewable, we just provide the mechanism.

Login through the MEMBER LOGIN screen of the website or through the My Church App.


Go to ITunes App Store or Google Play to download the free My Church By Elexio App to your Ipad or smartphone. When first accessing the App you will be required to enter the church's website URL. Simply enter and tap GO.

To Give Online, Register for Events or Classes, or access church member information you must login with a secure user Id and password registered with the church.