What We Believe

JupiterFIRST Church is a growing fellowship of believers from many backgrounds with the goal of living with purpose for Jesus Christ.

We are an inclusive spiritual family, purposely welcoming people from all walks of life and varied religious traditions. We provide a place where people come as they are to worship and learn from the One who transforms hearts and lives through love and grace.

We believe the Word of God is any medium conveying the Creator's unconditional love for all humanity. As the written Word of God the Bible points us to the living Christ, who leads us to spiritual growth and maturity. We share the good news of Jesus as Lord and Savior through worship, education, fellowship, and service to others.

We strive to proclaim the love of God in our community by caring for those in need and supporting community efforts to bring wholeness, dignity, and justice to all people. We are pleased to support and promote a spirit of ecumenical participation among people of all faiths.

We observe the sacrament of Holy Baptism on request and we observe the sacrament of Holy Communion on a monthly basis as a constant reminder of the Lord's promise to be with us always, even to the end of the age.

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