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We are living in an age where instant access and convenience are expected. At JupiterFIRST Church we want to grow generous givers. At the same time we want to make it convenient for you to support your church, honor your pledge, and praise God through your giving. Electronic giving accommodates your busy life and the priority of putting God first. It takes only seconds to setup your secure account through our website or smart phone app. Then you can easily and conveniently establish the way of giving that best suits your lifestyle. 



ONLINE at                                  

Click the GIVE ONLINE option, or 
Use the Member Login

Donations at JupiterFIRST can be made in a number of ways. The simplest method is a cash donation, however other gifts such as stocks, bonds and property can provide you with a creative and tax advantaged donation. It is recommended you consult your CPA, Tax Advisor, Broker or Attorney before making any charitable contributions.

Recurring Giving
To setup recurring giving so that you can establish a giving amount weekly, monthly, or yearly. This lets you use      your credit card for automatic billing that you set and change based upon your financial circumstances.

  *  Make a real time donation and take advantage of automatic debits to your checking or savings accounts.

  *  Give as a guest making a donation on the spot.

  *  Track your giving history through our Member Login.

Mobile Giving through your Smartphone
Download our My Church App by Elexio and establish recurring giving, track your giving, or make a donation any      time, any where to support your church. Learn more about our Smartphone App.

You can also use any of the Mobile Payment Apps currently trending like Paypal, Venmo, or Google Wallet.

Text to Give
Simply text to phone number 30131 and use keyword JFC followed by a space then the amount you want to give.      Example, "JFC $50.00".

This option gives great flexibility of when and how you give. The first time you use this feature you'll be
prompted with a link to finish the donation by confirming your login credentials and you'll always receive a receipt.
Simply save the JupiterFIRST text number in your address book to give in one step for future giving and through the JupiterFIRST My Church App you can track your giving history.

Automatic Giving through your Online Banking
Electronic giving is also easily done through your personal bank by utilizing the automatic payment services. This
allows you to conveniently build your giving into your financial budgeting.


Gifts of Stock (or other appreciated property)

Using appreciated stock to donate to JupiterFIRST entitles you to a deduction for the fair market value of the
donated securities. In addition you can avoid any capital gain tax association with the amount the market value
exceeds your basis providing a double tax benefit. This tax deduction may be a maximum of 30% of your adjusted
gross income and any excess over 30% may be carried forward for the next five tax years.

If you would like to make a stock gift to JupiterFIRST, contact Leslie Chaney, Financial Administrator of
JupiterFIRST for transfer information. 


Memorial GiftsA Wonderful Memory

Remembering a friend or loved one who has died by making a donation in their name is a wonderful tribute to their


Legacy Gifts

Not everyone can be a major donor during their lifetime. Most of us need our current assets to provide for
ourselves and our families. At our death however, many of us have an opportunity to help secure the long term
future of JupiterFIRST, including its many and varied outreach programs.
Creatively designed, tax advantaged gifts at death or during one's lifetime is within the reach of many of us. Below
are some options to consider: Please consult your estate planning or tax professional when considering these
options as rules and regulations applying to these giving methods can be complicated and subject to change.


Gifts by Bequest

Gifts that are made through provisions of your last will and testament are very easy to accomplish and can be
made for a specific amount, such as $10,000, or as a percentage of the residual estate.


Retirement Plan Beneficiary

Few people realize that retirement plan benefits (IRA, 401(k), 403(b)) are taxed substantially when transferred to
anyone other than a spouse. Since income taxes have not been collected on these plans, transferring benefits can
trigger a taxable event that creates an income tax liability. If the deceased's estate is large enough to be subject to
estate taxes, an additional tax may be generated which, when added to the income tax, could total 60-70% of the
retirement plan assets. Many professional advisors suggest that if you want to leave estate assets to charity, using
retirement plan dollars is a wise choice. Retirement plan assets left to charity avoid both estate and income taxes.

The second advantage to this type of gift is the ease with which the charitable designation can be made. A simple
change of beneficiary form filed with the plan administrator designating JupiterFIRST Church as a primary or
secondary beneficiary is accomplished with your signature. As with your will, the designated amount can be stated
as a percentage of the plan assets.


Life Insurance

Life insurance policies that once may have been purchased to cover a debt in the event of a premature death may
no longer be needed for the intended purpose. Polices originally meant to cover a mortgage that is paid, children's
education, or other needs may now be donated to provide a substantial gift in the future. A charitable deduction is
available if the policy is irrevocably assigned to JupiterFIRST and future premiums, if necessary, are also possible
charitable deductions.


Charitable Remainder Trust

Creation of a qualified charitable trust by an individual will provide income to the beneficiaries designated by the
creator of the trust. The income can be paid for the lifetime of the beneficiary or for a specific number of years. At
the end of the trust term, the remaining assets pass to JupiterFIRST.


Remainder Interest in a Residence

An individual may give property to JupiterFIRST while retaining the right to occupy the property for life. This type of
gift provides the donor with a current tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest. This will
provide additional spendable income without causing a disruption in their lifestyle. Transfer of the property also
avoids any potential capital gain tax. 


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Friday, June 22nd
 9:00 a.m. - Last day of VBS

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