Nutrition in a Knapsack

JupiterFIRST Church believes in 'feeding the hungry'. The CROS Ministries, Nutrition in a Knapsack (NIK) program, allows us to literally feed the children of our community, while feeding the spirits of those who participate in this ministry. 

On the FIRST and THIRD Friday of the Palm Beach County School Year, volunteers of JupiterFIRST purchase, assemble, deliver and distribute knapsacks of food to the children of Jupiter Elementary School. Through participation with CROS Ministries, this program is designed to address chronic hunger among elementary-age children in public schools. It provides nutritious food to children who might not otherwise have adequate food over the weekend. Each knapsack will contain child-friendly, nutritious, shelf stable food items for an average of two days (weekends). If you want to participate in this important ministry contact the church, or Ron Long, JFC NIK Coordinator.

For more information about CROS Ministries click here.

Program Goals:

  • To work with selected Title 1 Schools (schools with at least 40% of students who are from families with low incomes) to identify children receiving free or reduced lunch who also meet the criteria of being chronically hungry or having food insecurity.
  • To provide nutritious food to eligible students who might not have adequate food over the weekend during the academic year.



This Week

Sunday, October 14th
 9:00 am - Worship Service 
 9:00 am - Children's Program  
 9:30 am - Open Bible Study
10:30 am- Worship Service
10:30 am- Children's Program

Monday, October 15th
 1:00 pm - Senior Game Day
 6:30 pm - Prayer Shawl
 6:30 pm - Financial Peace
 6:30 pm - Anchored Youth Group

Tuesday, October 16th 
 9:30 am - Disciple Fast Track
 9:30 am - MomsFIRST 
 2:00 pm - Prayer Shawl
 6:30 pm - Things Hidden
 6:30 pm - Believe Bible Study

Wednesday, October 17th             9:30 am - Shelter of God's Promise
 5:00 pm - Wednesday Night Dinner
 6:00 pm - The Wave Youth Group
 6:00 pm - MomsFIRST at Night 
 6:15 pm - Lighthouse for Kids
 6:30 pm - The Way of Jesus

Thursday, October 18th
 9:30 am - Living Grace
10:00 am - "Coffee Break"
 6:00 pm - Centering Prayer
 6:00 pm - Help & Hope
 6:30 pm - Theology of Tap
 7:00 pm - Book Club
 7:30 pm - 

Friday, October 19th
9:00 am - Real Life Children's Ranch
 6:30 pm - Neighborhood Nights

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