Weekend Food Program

Filling the weekend gap with food and a full heart for our local Jupiter children.

This program is designed to address chronic hunger among elementary-age children in public schools. It provides nutritious food to children who might not otherwise have adequate food over the weekend. Each food bag contains child-friendly, nutritious, shelf stable food items for an average of two days (weekends).

Our church has been partnering with FIRST United Methodist Church to provide weekend food bags to food insecure children at Jupiter Elementary for over 5 years.   This program is currently serving 172 children weekly. However, the funding has been discontinued, so we have committed to raising the funds necessary to continue feeding local hungry children for the 2019-2020 school year.  Our goal is to serve 200 children (our church family being responsible for 100 of those) while expanding to two additional elementary schools. 

It costs $7.25 per child for one weekend food bag totaling $261.00 for the 36 weeks. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child for the school year.

On the FIRST and THIRD Friday of the Palm Beach County School Year, volunteers of JupiterFIRST assemble, deliver and distribute food bags to the children of select local elementary schools. If you want to participate in this important ministry contact the church, or Ron Long, JFC Coordinator.




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 2nd -  Sermon Based Small                             Groups continue
 2nd -  Summer Pilates continues
11th -  Senior Lunch Bunch
11th -  Dementia Caregivers
11th -  Help & Hope
14th -  Youth Mission Trip
18th -  Senior Lunch Bunch
18th -  Help & Hope
18th -  Book Club
25th -  Dementia Caregivers

25th -  Senior Lunch Bunch
0th - MS/HS The Rapids


 1st -    Senior Lunch Bunch
 1st -    Summer Pilates
 1st -    Loggerhead Meet Up
 2nd -   Universal Studio Trip
 4th -    Baptism 101
 6th -    Summer Pilates
 8th -    Summer Pilates
 8-9th - Global Leadership                                  Summit
 8th -    Help & Hope
 8th -    Dementia Caregivers
15th -   Senior Lunch Bunch
15th -   Help & Hope
15th -   Theology on Tap
15th -   Book Club
22nd -  Senior Lunch Bunch
22nd -  Dementia Caregivers
29th -   Senior Lunch Bunch 


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Sunday, July 28th
 8:15 am - Sunday Bible Study 
 9:30 am - Worship Service 
 9:30 am - Children's Program 
 9:30 am - Pancakes & Jesus
10:45 am - How to Talk to God  

Monday, July 29th 
 1:00 pm - Senior Game Day 
 6:30 pm - Prayer Shawl
 6:30 pm - Anchored 

Tuesday, July 30th
 9:30 am - MS/HS The Rapids 
 2:00 pm - Prayer Shawl
 5:30 pm - Summer Pilates
6:30 pm - Everything Belongs 

Wednesday, July 31st 
 6:00 pm - The Wave 
 6:30 pm - Family Talent Show Night
 6:30 pm - How to Talk to God

Thursday, August 1st
 9:30 am - MomsFIRST Play Date
12:00 pm - Senior Lunch Bunch 
 5:30 pm - Summer Pilates
 7:30 pm - AA/AlAnon


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